Council of State Speech-Language-Hearing Association Presidents

Alumni Membership

Once a CSAPer, Always a CSAPer!

At each CSAP Conference, you are struck with a few realities. By the time you understand your role, leverage networks and build your leadership skills, your time to transition comes. You progress through CSAP phases that are inevitable: seeking, learning, growing and knowing. Just like that, your name is called as an “Old Timer” and the reality that there are fewer opportunities to show and share your CSAP knowledge with others in the pipeline. Making borderless connections is powerful! The perspectives, people and potential CSAP offers to advance the states and state leaders is an unrivaled developmental opportunity.

Although you are an Old Timer, it does not mean that you are a Last Timer

CSAP leadership lasts and sustains. CSAP has a proud tradition of encouraging leaders to be connected. The alumni designation recognizes past leaders, encourages continued engagement by making it clearer and easier to do so. Gathering together is important and impactful to building relationships. Past CSAP leaders are welcomed to participate in CSAP Fall and Spring Conferences, earning continuing education units and experiencing social activities. Participation and event registration will continue within the current CSAP structure after state leadership has ended. Past CSAP members are encouraged to maintain personal connections, build networks toward contributing to future leaders and CSAP success.

Am I eligible?

An alumnus is defined as being a Past President of a state speech‑language‑hearing association who is currently not on the state association board. Alumni membership is open to past presidents of their state association as long as they don’t rejoin their board in a president/president-elect/past president (3P) capacity. If that happens, the CSAP Alumni member must remove himself/herself from the group until they are no longer serving in a 3P capacity with their state association. Alumni members are not eligible to be an Officer, Commissioner or Committee Chair of CSAP and are not permitted to vote in CSAP elections or Business Meetings.

How to become a CSAP Alumni Member

Become an Alumni Member for this calendar year by completing and submitting the Alumni Membership Application.