Council of State Speech-Language-Hearing Association Presidents

CSAP State Association Scholarship (CSAP – SAS)

CSAP State Association Scholarship (CSAP - SAS)

    • State Association must be a current CSAP member - At the time of application, a state association must be a current CSAP member or renew membership with the application. Applications submitted by states who are not members during the year the scholarship is awarded will not be considered.
    • State Association must not have received the CSAP scholarship within a 4-year period prior to applying
    1. 1. A letter of need/statement of justification - to include the last time the state association was able to attend CSAP and what they hope to learn
    2. 2. State Association must provide their current fiscal year budget along with 3-year trend data.
    3. 3. Provide a narrative of the budget data
    • State Association President, President-Elect or Immediate Past President will receive funding to attend the Spring Conference with complimentary registration and travel expenses for up to $1,000. Travel expenses will be reimbursed for costs associated with travel and lodging. Travel includes mileage (using current FY IRS business guidelines), flight(s), bus, train, or taxis/rideshares.
      • Scholarship recipients will pay for travel expenses and submit receipts for reimbursement. If the recipient is unable to attend the conference, the expenses will not be reimbursed.
    • Scholarship recipients will be required to attend the conference and submit an article for the CSAP Newsletter on how information gained at attendance was implemented/shared within their state association. The state will also announce to its membership or publish in its newsletter.

  • If you experience any issues uploading your documents, please complete this form and email documentation to
  • Recipient will be announced on or before February 28