Council of State Speech-Language-Hearing Association Presidents


CSAP Meeting Tips

What can I expect from my first CSAP?  You can expect to have FUN and will get a lot of valuable information.  You will make friendships that last beyond your participation in CSAP.

What is the dress for CSAP?  Many attendees wear business casual clothing.  Bring a sweater or wrap, as the room temperatures fluctuate.  Dress for the Social depends on the event – it can range from casual to business casual.

What is the 50/50?  The 50/50 drawing is an effort to raise monies to offset the costs of the Fall and Spring meetings.  Participants are able to buy a chance at winning 50% of the total monies raised.  The drawing occurs during the Business Meeting.

What should I bring for the Live Auction?  The item should be at least $50 – $100 in value.  Jewelry, pottery, professional team sportswear and artwork have always sold well.  Consider “travel ability and uniqueness” of the item you bring.

How is my Live Auction item displayed?  All items will be placed on a table for viewing prior to the auction.

How can I pay for my Auction items?  CSAP accepts cash, check, or credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express) to complete your auction purchases.

Why are there 50/50 drawings and Auctions?  These are fun and exciting traditions for members to help raise money for our organization.  The monies raised during the auction and 50/50 drawing help in offsetting the cost of the Spring and Fall meetings.  Additionally, a portion of the proceeds from the Live Auction goes towards the Nancy McKinley Leadership Award that CSAP awards on an annual basis.

What is the Nancy McKinley Award?  This is an annual award which is presented at the spring CSAP conference.  A check is presented to the State Speech and Hearing Association in honor of the awardee.

Who was Nancy McKinley?  Nancy McKinley (Wisconsin), CSAP President in 2002, was the embodiment of a selfless volunteer dedicated to promoting the professions of speech-language pathology and audiology, and supporting those who had chosen one of these professions as their career.  In Nancy’s honor, the Leadership Award was created.   This award acknowledges a member of a state speech/language/hearing association for his/her exemplary contributions to their association.

Looking to get the most out of CSAP? We thought you might be interested in some tips from current and past members:

  • Be ready to “open up and share.” Even if it’s your first time, everybody brings something. Don’t forget to share it!
  • Don’t be shy… Introduce yourself and network. Join groups for lunch and dinner.
  • Interact with new people and leaders from other states. You will find there is a distinguishing commonality among CSAP members that is not found within any other organization.
  • Follow up on connections by communicating after the meeting. Join CSAP on Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Volunteer; join in. Be a participant instead of a spectator. Complete the Committee Volunteer Pool Form.
  • Before leaving for CSAP, take time to prioritize the information you want to gather. View the CSAP website – look at the Who’s Who tab, review the photo gallery, etc.
  • CSAP will empower you to be a responsive leader in your state association and at the same time empower others to lead and serve.