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CSAP Executive Board and Committees Descriptions

Executive Board & Chairs

Past Presidents

CSAP Association Management Office

President's Message

CSAP Meeting Minutes

CSAP By Laws

CSAP Strategic Plan

CSAP Policy Manual

The CSAP Mission

The mission of CSAP is to:

  • provide leadership training for state Speech-Language-Hearing association presidents
  • be a forum for collaboration and networking among these leaders
  • promote communication of professional matters between state Speech-Language-Hearing associations, ASHA and other related national professional organizations.

The CSAP Vision Statement

CSAP is the premier organization where state leaders meet to cultivate a unique culture of growth and knowledge through collaborative efforts.


Looking to get the most out of CSAP? We thought you might be interested in some tips from current and past members:

  • Be ready to "open up and share." Even if it’s your first time, everybody brings something. Don’t forget to share it!
  • Don’t be shy… Introduce yourself and network.  Join groups for lunch and dinner.
  • Interact with new people and leaders from other states.   You will find there is a distinguishing commonality among CSAP members that is not found within any other organization.  
  • Follow up on connections by communicating after the meeting.  Join CSAP on Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Volunteer; join in.  Be a participant instead of a spectator.  Complete the Committee Volunteer Pool Form.
  • Before leaving for CSAP, take time to prioritize the information you want to gather.   View the CSAP website – look at the Who’s Who tab, review the photo gallery, etc.
  • CSAP will empower you to be a responsive leader in your state association and at the same time empower others to lead and serve.

CSAP Executive Board and
Committees Descriptions

Past President
Secretary (elected in even years)
Treasurer (elected in odd years)

Vitae Information Sheet

Past Presidents

2019 Debra Burnett, Connecticut

2018 Kamela Rowland, Arkansas

2017 Michael Kaplan, New Mexico

2016 Timothy Ball, Kentucky

2015 Douglas Parham, Kansas

2014 Rachel Williams, Florida

2013 Paulette Gentry, Tennessee

2012 Molly Thompson, Alaska

2011 Carol Fleming, Arkansas

2010 Judith Keller, Texas

2009 Sherry Curtiss, North Carolina

2008 Lizbeth Stevens, Michigan

2007 Theresa Rodgers, Louisiana

2006 Ken Ruder, Ohio

2005 Ellayne Ganzfried, New York

2004 Lisa O'Connor, California

2003 Ron Bender, Texas

2002 Nancy McKinley, Wisconsin

2001 Barbara Moore, California

2000 Barbara Glazewski, New Jersey

1999 Ellen Estomin, Pennsylvania

1998 Larry Biehl, Iowa

1997 Ruth Ayres, Mississippi

1996 Melinda Harrison, Florida

1995 Thomas Hallahan, Massachusetts


1994 Herease Frazier, Illinois

1993 Gwynne McElinney, Idaho

1992 Alma Peters, Wisconsin

1991 Katherine Butler, New York

1990 Nancy Swigert, Kentucky

1989 Kathy Coufal, Nebraska

1988 Bob Nellis, Wisconsin

1987 Martha Mulins Callendar, Virginia

1986 Robin Parrish, Texas

1985 Lee Ann Golper, Oregon

1984 Lla Monteleone, Louisiana

1983 Carol Kamara, Ohio

1982 Pat Willis, Wisconsin

1981 Barbara Bard, Connecticut

1980 Jeffery Griffith, Mississippi

1979 Patricia Cole, Texas

1978 Ann Carey, Illinois

1977 Charles Madison, Washington

1976 Gerald McCall, New York

1975 Marilyn Semmes, Maryland

CSAP Association Management Office

Contact information for the CSAP management firm is listed below. If you would like to send
e-mail to the management office, click the e-mail address link.

Craven Management Associates, LLC
700 McKnight Park Drive, Suite 708
Pittsburgh, PA 15237
Phone: (412) 366-1177
Fax: (412) 366-8804
Email: CSAP@robertcraven.com

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