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Hello CSAP Members,

Happy New Year! Welcome to a new year and for many of us a new term as either the President-Elect or President of your State Association. With the coming year, comes the possibility of many changes that may affect our profession which is why becoming an active member of CSAP is so important.

As with any new year, I know that many of you have made some New Year’s Resolutions and probably (like me) have broken most of them in the first week of 2017. I hope that maintaining your State’s membership in CSAP is one resolution that you will keep. As a leader in your particular State Association, CSAP serves as a forum for networking and collaboration among State leaders. The CSAP organization promotes and provides leadership training for State leaders through the biannual CSAP conferences, online seminars, the online newsletter, and the Strategic Plan.

CSAP’s current Strategic Plan focuses on four focus areas: (1) Leadership training/Professional Development; (2) Communication and collaboration; (3) Membership (recruitment, retention, and participation); and (4) Organizational governance, management and finances. It is through the CSAP Conferences, that the leadership of CSAP in collaboration with ASHA provides information and training on those issues that affect our profession and networking opportunities for State Association leaders to share ideas with each other.

I encourage each State Association to send one or more members of their Board to the Spring CSAP meeting to be held May 19-20, in Louisville, Kentucky (with any luck I’ll pronounce it correctly). The Spring Conference will provide opportunities for current and new State Association Board members to gain knowledge, network, and collaborate on several issues affecting our States as well as gaining insight/information into some of the changes that may affect education and health.

I look forward to meeting and working with everyone throughout this coming year.

Michael Kaplan
CSAP President