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Volume 2



2020 Issue 1
Articles in this volume:

Letter From the President
2020 CSAP Fall Virtual Conference
Joint Committee Update
Ohio Speech-Language-Hearing Association
Wisconsin Speech-Language Pathology Audiology Association
MSHA Turns Lemons Into Lemonade
ArkSHA Reframing Convention and Recruitment
Call for Nominations

2018 Issue 1
Articles in this volume:

Leadership for a Lifetime
CSAP Alumni Membership
State Association Liaison Updates
Advancing Best Practices
Advancing Best Practices: The Winners Circle
ArKSHA Stipend Ad Hoc Committee
Sharonda Coleman-Singleton Memorial Scholarship
Oklahoma Speech-Language-Hearing Association
Review of ASHA Grants Received
Medicaid Minute

2017 Issue 1
Articles in this volume:

Sunset of the SLP and AUD Practice Act
NJSHA Legislative Issues and Key Initiatives Updates
Colorado Senate Bill 17-108, SLP Practice Act
CSHA Legislative Update Summary From the Golden State
The Spirit of Freedom and Unity VSHA Legislative Update
Legislative Issues From the Heartland of America
ArKSHA Student Advocacy Day Success
GSHA Going Forward: Advocacy in Action and Key Legislation
Senate Bill 1317 Causes Concern for Arizona Providers
WSHA Works With State Licensing Board to Pass Legislation
Sustaining the Professions and Service
Delivery CSHA 2017 Legislative Overview

2015 Issue 3
Articles in this volume:

Strengthening Our Resolve
The Benefits of Professional Association Membership
Ethics is Everyone's Responsibility
The Journey or the Destination?
A Medicaid Minute

2015 Issue 2
Articles in this volume:

Client Safety and Telepractice
Did You Know
Vermont Advocacy
Missouri Big Win in Legislative Affairs
Pitching for the Profession
Audiology Update
Treatment of Cognitive-Communication Disorders
Are you Burned Out or Fired Up?

2015 Issue 1
Articles in this volume:

2014 Nancy McKinley Award Recipient
Getting Out of the "Comfort Zone"
What Every Speech-Language Pathologists Should Know About Stuttering
MSLHA's Celebration of 50 Years as a Professional Association

Fall 2014
Articles in this volume:

In Memoriam - Jerilyn Logemann
Could You Be Superman's Clinician?
How is Your Student Involvement in Your State?

Summer 2014
Articles in this volume:

Mississippi Receives an ASHA Audiology Grant
Universal Licensure: A Great Change for Virginia
the Shadow of GERD on Lung Disease
Micro-Enterprise Update
Associations Thank Keynote Speaker Leon "Jigger" Sirois

October-December 2013
Articles in this volume:

Servant Leadership
Make a Difference by Joining the Executive Board
Better Hearing and Speech Month
2013 Nancy McKinley Award Recipient - Vernice Jury
CSAP Last Timers
Joint Commission on State-National Association Relations
Rhode Island SLP of the Year
Carol Flemming Received ASHA Certificate

April-June 2013
Articles in this volume:

President's Message
ASHA State Association Grants for 2013
White House Releases Early Learning State-by-State Fact Sheets
From the Pen of the WSHA President
Comprehensive Medicare Coverage of Audiology Services - Legislation Introduced in the House of Representatives
Advisory Council Members Attended ASHA's Capitol Hill Advocacy Day

January-March 2013
Articles in this volume:

President's Message
Future CSAP Meetings
Promoting Cultural Competence and Language Readiness Through a Web-Based Training Course
CSAP Teleseminars
ArkSHA Members Recognized at ASHA Convention
OSLHA Focuses on Telepractice
WI Associate of School Boards to Vote on Resolution Relating to Shortage of SLPs
Manual Explains Autism Law to Heath Insurers

October-December 2012
Articles in this volume:

President's Message
CSAP is Peachy Keen!
Future CSAP Conferences
Contracts, Convention Agendas & Brochures Galore
Joint Committee on State-National Association Relations
GSHA at ASHA 2012!
CSAP Teleseminars
Kentucky Speech-Language-Hearing Association: A Look at the Future
Follow-Up Letter From ASHA About Online Hearing Aid Sales
Reflecting on the Memories, Treasuring Friendships and Moving Forward

July-September 2012
Articles in this volume:

President's Message
50/50 Raffle Winner
Joint Committee Update
CSAP Takes on the ATL
New Textbook Announcement
SB 304 Better Hearing and Speech Month Proponent Testimony
News From the Washington State Special Education Coalition
Online Hearing Testing Update-A Small Victory
ASHA Community: A New Way to Stay Connected
ASHA Convention Highlight
CSAP Teleseminars
ASHA Recognition and Renewal Affiliate Status
A Fond Farewell

April-June 2012
Articles in this volume:

President's Message
Bring and Brag - News from Ohio
Alaska...A new Frontier
Action of the Joint Committee
Spring Social and Live Auction
State Favors
Advisory Council Members Attended Advocacy Day
Letter from ASHA
Those HELP Forms
Autism Today With Dr. Pat
Connecticut's Legislative Session Update
CSAP Teleseminars
Connecticut's President's Message
Mississippi 216 Bachelor Level License

January-March 2012
Articles in this volume:

President's Message
CSAPers in Action
Silent Auction - State Association Presidents Silent??
Alaska On Our Minds
CSAP Executive Board and Committee 2012

October-December 2011
Articles in this volume:

President's Message
Preparing for San Diego
San Diego Here We Come
STARR and SMAC Efforts from the Nevada Speech-Language-Hearing Association
Nifty Wifty ISHA's Fifty
Here We Go to San Diego
Reminders for the Fall CSAP Meeting
OSHA Sweetens the State Capitol
Request for Proposals, Increasing Student Advocacy
Molly Has an Alaska Blog
SCSHA Members Called to Serve

July-September 2011
Articles in this volume:

President's Message
Action of the Joint Committee to the State National Association Relations
Those Help Forms
Success in Charleston
Upcoming Meeting Information
HSHA Celebrates BHSM
Am I Late!
Assistive Technology Industry Association and SIG 16 Collaboration
NMSHA Promotional Efforts
Staying Up to Date Professional Via Technology
CSAP Board Review Strategic Plan
California Grants Scholarship for Graduate Students

April-June 2011
Articles in this volume:

President's Message
Communication and Technology
Upcoming Meeting Information
Charleston, Here We Come
Maryland Report for CSAP
Hello from the Nominations and Elections Committee
June CSAP Teleseminar

January-March 2011
Articles in this volume:

President's Message
Welcome From Communication and Technology Chair
Upcoming Meeting Information
CSAP Officers and Committees

November/December 2010
Articles in this volume:

President's Message
Treasurer Report
Time & Place Committee
Election Results
Teleseminar Update
Results from CSAP Surve
Nancy McKinley Award
CSAP Officers and Committees

September/October 2010
Articles in this volume:

Have fund, Support CSAP, and Put some $$$$ in Your Pocket
Upcoming CSAP Teleseminar
The Cravens in Alaska
ASHA-CSAP Joint Committee
Building Academic Capacity

July/August 2010
Articles in this volume:

President's Message
Liz Thomas
Say - Super Duper
Marketing 101
Commuication & Techonology Committee

May/June 2010
Articles in this volume:

CSAP-ASHA Spring 2010 Meeting in San Antonio
Nancy McKinley Awardees
50/50 Raffle Winner

April 2010
Articles in this volume:

Conference Information
Bring Brag and Moan

March 2010
Articles in this volume:

CSAP-ASHA Conference to meet in San Antonio
SLPA Porgrams: Not All Alike
ASHA Offers Membership to SLPAs
State Highlights

February 2010
Articles in this volume:

Implementing Available Communication Technology to Aid Your State Association
Registration Software for Small Associations

January 2010
Articles in this volume:

Welcome from CSAP President - Judith Keller
Sunny San Antonio in the Spring
2010 CSAP Officers and Committee Chairs

Volume 7 Summer/Fall 2009
Articles in this volume:

Achieving Together, CSAP
Do You Have A Pac?
Past-President's Message
Liz's Top Picks
Notes From Paulette
Hosting CSAP
Facebook Friends
Web Advocacy

Volume 6 Spring/Summer 2009
Articles in this volume:

CSAP Executive Board/Committees
Look Out 2009! Here Comes CSAP!
Communication: "Technologically-Based World"
Surrounding Yourself with Nutritious People
ASHA's State Outreach Initiative
Growing Members
Bring on the Brags!
INDY! May 2009
Lagniappe in New Orleans
Ah, Chicago

Volume 5 Summer/Fall 2008
Articles in this volume:

How to Succeed
'S' up: Let's Chat
Communication and Technology
Chicago is My Kind of Town
ASHFoundation and You
Revving up for INDY
CSAP Executive Board/Committees

Volume 4 Winter/Spring 2008
Articles in this volume:

New CSPA President's Message
CSAP Treasurer's Report
The National Aphasia Association
Rhode Island and ASHA Respond to the Board of Education
NSSHLA and CSAP Work Together
Important Web Sites
Protecting Your Association's Assets
The STARS of ASHA: No Association Can Do Without
Saratoga Here We Come
You can be our next E-Newsletter Editor

Volume 4 Summer/Fall 2007
Articles in this volume:

President's Message
Executive Board Action Summary
CSAP Annual Dues for 2008
CSAP Treasurer's Report
Spring Meeting Highlights
Arkansas Traveler
Spring Meeting Photo Gallery
The Nancy McKinley Leadership Award 2007 Winner
Louis DiCarlo Award Reminder
Calendar of Important Events
Teleseminar Information
Important Web Sites
Legislative Council Update
How to Access the Listserv

Volume 3 June 2006
Articles in this volume:

Legislative Update
How's It Done?
State Profile

Volume 2 February 2006
Articles in this volume:

Reaching Out Across the State
An Introduction to Conflict Resolution
Staying Connected to Individuals Working on Board Projects

Volume 1 October 2005
Articles in this volume:

Reimbursement Resources
Educational Opportunities for Reimbursement
Prospective Payment
Medicare Perspective

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